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ROYAL ROOF CORP. - Southern California's premier full-service roofing company since 1938 with 3 locations and 30 in-house crews to better serve you!

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Royal Roof Corp. was founded in 1938 and specializes in re-roofing and roof repairs for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. As the premier leader in the roof management industry, Royal Roof has established a foundation of quality workmanship, a continuous pursuit of up-to-date product knowledge, and an executive level of around-the-clock service and follow-through with our clients. The vast majority of our work comes from referrals - a true testament to our performance commitment.

What Sets Us Apart?
Roofing may seem like a commodity business, that is until you and your assets are damaged during a severe wind or rain storm. Do you really want to trust your home or business to some fly-by-night contractor? Consider these questions when evaluating contractors for your next re-roofing project or repair, and then compare them to Royal Roof Corp.:

  • Will your transient roofing contractor still be in business 10-15 years from now to honor their guarantee or warranty claims?
  • Do they have the financial wherewithal to weather Southern California's droughts?
  • Do they have outstanding ratings and accredidations from those affiliations designed to protect you, the consumer?
  • Do they have 3 corporate locations or are they running their business from a PO Box or apartment?
  • Do they have millions of dollars in liability insurance and bonding?
  • What types of materials do they use?
  • Who supervises their performance and workmanship?